The UNC System Office is subject to external audits, compliance reviews, and similar activities. Various external agencies and organizations conduct these activities. The chief audit officer can serve as a liaison during these processes. This role is critical.

Internal audit maintains responsibility for following up on all findings and recommendations made by external auditors. UNC System policy mandates that internal audit determine whether or not such recommendations have been satisfactorily addressed.

How We can help

If an external entity contacts your department regarding any type of pending review, audit, or investigative work, please contact us. Notifying us will prevent the duplication of audit effort and help ensure the duties of internal audit are fulfilled.

A representative from internal audit will typically accompany the appropriate department representatives to any entrance and exit meetings with external reviewers.

Copies of all findings and recommendations issued by external auditors / investigators, along with management’s response to any recommendations, must be forwarded to the chief audit officer in a timely manner.

Upon implementation of the management’s recommendations or alternative action, internal audit will perform verification procedures to ensure that the stated plan of action has been implemented. Internal audit will then issue a status report to the president and the Board of Governors Committee on Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance.

Please email or call us if an external agency or organization has notified you of an upcoming site visit, audit, or review.