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A Report From The Joint Steering Committee Of The North Carolina Student Aid Study Group

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Financial aid can be one of our most effective tools to get more students to and through postsecondary education, but grant programs must be designed and delivered in ways that align with these goals.

In the report, Strengthening North Carolina’s Need-Based State Grant Programs to Support Student Success, you’ll find recommendations and a summary of the study group’s findings.

To move from recommendations to action will require continued refinement of these ideas, detailed policy development, and engagement with state policymakers.

Peter Hans
President, North Carolina Community College System
Co-chair, North Carolina Student Aid Study Group

Margaret Spellings
President Emerita, University of North Carolina System
Co-chair, North Carolina Student Aid Study Group

The North Carolina Student Aid Study Group, a joint effort of the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina Community College Systems, brought together higher education leaders, financial aid officers, and state policymakers to take a close look at the financial aid programs that serve the UNC System and NCCCS students. Between August 2018 and January 2019, the group took a close look at the primary state grant programs that serve public college students in North Carolina: the UNC Need-based Grant, Community College Grant, and Education Lottery Scholarship. Over the course of 7 months, the group assessed the strengths and weaknesses of North Carolina’s grant programs, heard from national experts about the lessons North Carolina can learn from research and experience in other states, and developed evidence-based reforms to enhance the effectiveness of state aid investments.


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