Faculty Assembly Structure

Delegates must be full-time members of the voting faculty of their home institution. Each constituent institution chooses its Assembly delegation according to procedures established by campus governance bodies.

The size of delegations is proportionate to the number of budgeted full-time faculty positions on a campus; the representation system allows for two, three, four, or five member delegations. Assembly bylaws specify that the length of a delegate’s term should be two or three years, according to the institution’s discretion. Bylaws also require the selection of alternate delegates.

The Faculty Assembly Executive Committee provides representation for each of the delegation size-groupings, and the HMI institutions. Members are elected and serve one-year terms. One delegate each is chosen by caucuses of campuses by delegation size:

  • Five delegate (ECU, NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte)
  • Four delegate (Appalachian, N.C. A&T, UNC Greensboro, UNC Wilmington)
  • Three delegate (FSU, NCCU, UNC Pembroke, WCU, WSSU)
  • Two delegate (ECSU, NCSSM, UNC Asheville, UNC School of the Arts)

The body as a whole elects two members “at large,” and the chair of the HMI caucus also serves on the Executive Committee. No institution may have more than three members on the Executive Committee, including the Assembly officers.

Officers of the committee include:

  • Chair (two-year term),
  • Chair-elect (one year term in that capacity before assuming the two-year term as chair)
  • Vice Chair (two-year term)
  • Secretary (one-year term)
  • Parliamentarian (appointed for a one-year term by the chair from among either current or past delegates)

The Assembly also has a staff liaison, who provides support at the UNC System Office.

Faculty Assembly Members

Faculty Assembly Executive Committee

The members of the FAEC, elected in accordance with the bylaws, review the structure and functions of the other committees; chair the committees and task forces; and prepare the agenda for Faculty Assembly meetings.

  • Chair, Tim Ives, MD, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Vice Chair, Barbara Howard, EdD, Appalachian State University
  • Secretary, Anthony Chow, PhD, UNC Greensboro
  • HMI delegate, Mesia Steed, PhD, Winston-Salem State University
  • 5-delegate, Jeff Popke, PhD, East Carolina University
  • 4-delegate, Nicole Dobbins, PhD, North Carolina A&T State University
  • 3-delegate, Renee Lamphere, PhD, UNC Pembroke
  • 2-delegate, Kacey DiGiacinto, PhD, Elizabeth City State University
  • At-large, Kim Tran, PhD, Fayetteville State University
  • At-large, Melodie Galloway, PhD, UNC Asheville

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