Propagating Local Growth

The North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC), which, poetically, was constructed on the site of the former textile mill, has revitalized hope for economic prosperity in Kannapolis. Over 1,000 jobs are now associated with the campus, and it plays a critical role in the city’s redevelopment.

Fostering Collaboration

The Human Performance Laboratory is nationally recognized for producing groundbreaking scientific discoveries in the area of nutrition and exercise immunology. Led by Dr. David Neiman, this research center brings together experts from other universities, corporate partners, and community participants to conduct studies on the effects of food products and nutrition on human performance.

Only limited by our imaginations

In additive manufacturing, a pre-designed object is produced by successively adding layers of material rather than cutting away at it, as in traditional subtractive manufacturing methods (e.g., machining). 3D printing-based methods such as these have the potential to significantly expand the capabilities of traditional manufacturing, as they allow for increased product design freedom, reduced production time, and decreased waste of materials.

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