A faculty-led study abroad in Peru supports NSF experiments and student learning

Education abroad takes Appalachian State University students all over the world to experience art, different cultures and fresh perspectives. They visit international business centers, renowned art museums and developing nations. Occasionally, these expeditions take students somewhere else entirely — to the edge of their physical and mental endurance levels.

The summer 2018 study abroad in Peru was one such trip, providing students the opportunity to climb mountains and traverse glaciers, all while participating in critical climate research projects that may impact the world.

Dr. Baker Perry, graduate program director and professor in Appalachian’s Department of Geography and Planning, led 11 students from the heart of the Inca Empire to the top of the Quelccaya Ice Cap in Peru. They gazed upon Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, slept in tents at subfreezing temperatures, dined on guinea pig, hiked to elevations over 18,000 feet and took scientific measurements to better understand the effects of climate change.

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Originally published Mar. 15, 2019.