Elizabeth City State University has partnered with the Sinclair College National UAS Training and Certification Center, located in Dayton, Ohio, to enhance training and applied research for Unmanned Aerial Systems, also known as drones.

Dr. Kuldeep Rawat, ECSU’s aviation program director and dean of the Area of Science, Technology and Mathematics, says that Sinclair is one of the leading institutions in the country focusing on drone technology, with curriculum and applied research focusing on real-world applications of emerging drone and sensor technologies through classroom and online instruction, simulation and hands-on vehicle operations.

Sinclair College’s National UAS Training and Certification Center sits at the forefront of UAS innovation, creating partnerships, developing leading curriculum, and investing significantly to establish a nationally prominent program dedicated to meeting the workforce needs of the growing UAS industry.

ECSU is a leader in aviation science education across North Carolina and the southeast United States. It is also fast becoming a leader in drone technology education with the introduction of its first drone bachelor’s degree program – scheduled to kick-off in the fall of 2019.

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Originally published March 21, 2019.