Two Elizabeth City State University undergraduate technology students joined the university’s Aviation Research Team in the field last week, testing seven different research and professional grade Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or drones.

According to Dr. Kuldeep Rawat, chair of the technology department and director of aviation at ECSU, students Leon Davis and Weston Smith joined the team to deploy seven different drones during the research exercise. The team, he said, identified a site away from distractions and spent the day testing and performing thorough and detailed preflight checks, aircraft and sensor calibrations, mission planning and uploads, and launch and recovery.

The faculty team consisted of Rawat, technology professor Dr. Ellis Lawrence, and UAS lab technician and certified UAV pilot, Aron Bechiom. Together they performed over 10 flights, spanning from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending upon the mission size, sensor type, aircraft type, winds, and battery size.

The purpose of the mission, according to Rawat, was to collect data on the various drones for use in a variety of applications. He says three applications of the drone technology include agriculture, infrastructure inspection and digital mapping and planning for land management.

Preparation for the research flights required a day spent working with software, checking batteries, and examining the drones prior to flights. Rawat says the test site is then reviewed and simulations are performed to clear the way for the test flights.

“Then after the flight we spent our time processing the raw data,” said Rawat. The students, he said, were given the opportunity to experience the entire process, gaining a firm understanding of what it takes to pursue a career in drone technology.

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Originally published May 21, 2018. Written by Robert Kelly-Goss.