The UNCP School of Education, in partnership with the Public Schools of Robeson County, held a Family STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Day for students in grades K-8 and their families on March 24.

The event drew 96 students from 22 schools across the region who took part in 19 hands-on activities led by teacher candidates and other student volunteers.

They chose to participate in activities ranging from activities such as “catapults,” where students designed and built catapults using a plastic spoon, rubber bands, and craft sticks to launch pom-poms, to “snap circuits” where they completed circuit challenges to light a bulb, activate an alarm, or create a motion detector.

Parents were also provided with informative newsletters that were created by teacher candidates in the elementary education program to extend their children’s learning at home.

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Originally published March 30, 2018.