An exhibition in Storrs Gallery at UNC Charlotte brings together data, technology, imagination and artistic expression to challenge viewers to reconsider the notion of “the visible.”

“SEE-ING: The Environmental Consciousness Project” presents work by a dozen artists and architects from across the globe that explore themes such as how technology is transforming visual perception, how “invisible” forces shape lives and how spaces—walls, rooms, buildings—are “alive” with energy and the capacity to communicate.

The work of guest contributors is displayed in an immersive, multi-sensory environment designed by the exhibition’s curator, Assistant Professor of Architecture Catty Dan Zhang. Video monitors and large images are embedded in a rubbery floor of shredded tires, while Zhang’s installation, “VENTS,” glows from the ceiling above. Created with a vast array of clear umbrellas, enhanced with blue lighting and a complex system of tubes, “VENTS” produces a rain of fog in puffs that are generated based on an input that hybridizes real-time local wind speeds and the recorded data sets of Hurricane Florence during a seven-day period. The data also affect the colored lights, which become lavender and glow brighter with stronger wind speeds.

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Originally published Nov. 8, 2018.