Undergraduate students from Jeanne Moskal’s English 295 Honors class spent a semester using rare materials from the Wilson Special Collections Library to research and develop an exhibition on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

When University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sophomore Caroline Alessandro showed up for the first day of English 295, “Reconstructing Frankenstein’s Monster,” she was expecting a typical English class.

“I figured we’d be reading ‘Frankenstein,’ analyzing it and maybe looking at some other versions,” she recalled.

Instead, she and her eight classmates in English 295H devoted the spring semester to a daunting assignment: curating a full-scale exhibition in the Wilson Special Collections Library.

The result, “Reconstructing Frankenstein’s Monster: Mary Shelley’s World in Print,” is the latest in the University Libraries’ biennial collaborative exhibition series with instructors and their undergraduate classes.

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Video by Aleah Howell and story by Judy Panitch. Published June 15th, 2018.