When Allen Boyette was finishing his final year at Wilson’s Fike High School, his father told him he had to do two things: take a typing class and sign up for NC State’s Army ROTC program before his freshman year.

Boyette didn’t particularly want to do either.

Now, as he sits at his desk at NC State’s Administrative Services III as the interim senior director for energy systems for facilities and maintenance, with three college degrees hanging on the wall, and when he’s on duty with the North Carolina National Guard, he’s pretty happy he listened to his dad.

He can’t imagine how he would do his jobs without the training he received in both disciplines.

His dual role includes military sustainment and campus sustainability, protecting the country while making sure NC State’s campus stays cool in the summer, warm in the winter by efficiently using its utilities and other sustainable resources.

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Originally published September 25, 2017. Written by Tim Peeler.