Dr. Elimelda Moige Ongeri, associate professor in the Department of Biology at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, has been awarded a $1.42 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute of General Medicine (NIGMS) to investigate acute kidney disease initiated by ischemia-reperfusion Injury (IRI), or reduced blood flow to the kidneys and subsequent oxygen deficiency.

Acute kidney disease costs tens-of-billions of dollars to treat each year and is associated with extremely high mortality rates due to ineffective therapies. Ongeri’s work will focus on determining how meprin metalloproteases or enzymes abundant in kidney tubules influence ischemia/reperfusion-induced kidney injury through increased inflammation and fibrosis.

Previous studies by Ongeri’s group and other N.C. A&T investigators utilizing meprin have shown that meprins enhance kidney damage associated with IRI. However, the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms are not fully understood. This research will advance understanding of kidney disease and the development of effective therapies.

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Originally published November 7, 2017.