Already a national leader in STEM education, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University will deepen its capacity at the graduate level by renaming and expanding a doctoral degree program that is already its largest STEM Ph.D., school officials announced today.

The Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Systems has been renamed the Ph.D. in Applied Science and Technology, a change that went into effect in January. In addition to its previous concentration in Atmospheric, Environmental and Energy Science, it will have concentrations in Applied Physics, Bioscience, Applied Chemistry, Data Science and Analytics, and Information Technology and Technology Management

The program already enrolls 60 students – about 15 percent of those pursuing doctoral degrees at North Carolina A&T – but the new concentrations are expected to engage significantly more students, with clear connections to high-demand STEM professions. Students will also have the opportunity to design their own program by taking courses in multiple concentrations and engaging in more interdisciplinary research and scholarship.

Originally published February 19, 2018.