NCSSM is partnering with Public Impact ( with financial support from the College Board for a unique opportunity to engage public school teachers and students across the state with a new approach to mathematics during the 2018-2019 school year.

This partnership builds on the second tenant of the school’s mission, to “advance public education in North Carolina.” Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture model, already implemented in schools across the United States, features excellent teachers who take on greater responsibility as Multi-Classroom Leaders (MCLs). MCLs lead and support small teams of teachers and students to help them reach ambitious goals. Until now, MCLs only operated within a single school, often serving multiple courses. In this pilot project, for the first time, a remotely-located MCL will support a single course, Precalculus, across multiple schools and districts. NCSSM is uniquely positioned to provide this support for teachers and students given expertise from the residential program in employing mathematical modeling and student-centered instruction to produce enhanced student engagement and achievement.

The grant funds an additional position in the mathematics department to plan and deliver precalculus instruction. A current faculty member will serve as the Remote MCL, supporting teachers and teaching students across North Carolina through NCSSM’s interactive videoconferencing studios.

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Original post updated August 10, 2018.