In May, 24 Appalachian State University students began the rigorous training and education at the Appalachian State University Police Academy to become certified police officers in North Carolina, becoming the first class in the Appalachian Police Development Program (APDP).

In August, the Appalachian Police Academy will conclude with the issuing of the state certification exam, and a new group of 25 students will begin cadet training as part-time police cadets during the 2018–19 academic year. Those cadets will attend the academy in summer 2019.

The APDP was initiated by the Appalachian State University Police Department to equip students with the knowledge, skills and training to become law enforcement officers. According to Andy Stephenson, director of public safety and chief of police at Appalachian, the program is a natural fit for an institution that aims to instill critical thinking, effective communication and responsible citizenship in its students.

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Originally published July 19, 2018. Written by Alex Jansen.