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UNC Charlotte’s Steven Rogelberg is a pioneering researcher in the field of organizational science. In acknowledgement of his profound, international impact on the discipline, Germany’s Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has named him a recipient of its prestigious research award.

The Humboldt Prize, also known as the Humboldt Research Award, is given annually to up to 100 internationally renowned scientists and scholars across academic disciplines. Recipients receive a prize currently valued at €60,000 (Euros). The award is named for the late Prussian naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt, and it is considered one of the most esteemed honors presented to a scientist.

Rogelberg said receiving the Humboldt Prize is a great honor and one for which he is profoundly grateful. “My greatest hope is that my scholarship and service to the profession help advance our science and ultimately help people and organizations in meaningful ways. My passion is to try to do things that matter. I am also so fortunate to have done this work in partnership with incredible friends, colleagues and students.” 

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Originally published January 23, 2018.