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Student Success

Dri Sommer has spent her career as a student in the School of Filmmaking making the most of her education. From building a family with her fellow cinematography students to spearheading a unique dual-perspective fourth-year film, “Shades,” she has embraced all of the challenges and experiences that come along with film school.

The director and cinematographer is headed for the commencement stage this Saturday and then to Los Angeles and a job on the cutting edge — with the virtual reality production company Here Be Dragons. Here’s what she had to say about her time at UNCSA and what’s next:

Tell us what you’ll be doing after graduation. How did you find this opportunity?

I will be joining Chris Milk’s Virtual Reality production company in Los Angeles called Here Be Dragons. Two years ago, I made a fortuitous phone call and joined the team as an intern over the summer. I have been working in their camera department ever since. Dragons is a young and innovative company and it’s very exciting to be around that kind of environment everyday.

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