Thanks to a donation from a pediatric surgeon, UNC Children’s Hospital is making the trip to the operating room a little less scary for kids and their parents.

Watch the video to see how the car is helping young patients.

UNC Children’s Hospital has a sweet new ride, and it’s transporting patients to the operating room in style.

Surgery can be scary for kids and their parents, but the pint-sized remote-controlled car is making the trip easier for everyone.

Pediatric and adult neurosurgeon Carolyn Quinsey donated the car — equipped with working headlights, engine sounds and a few Carolina bumper stickers — to bring laughter and joy to her patients as they head into surgery.

“I think any way to introduce some fun and whimsy into the kids’ lives should always be done,” Quinsey said. When she saw a story on social media about another hospital that had upgraded from gurney to miniature sports car, she went out and bought one of her own.


Story by Emilie Poplett. Video by Max Englund. Originally posted June 29th, 2018.