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Press Release

We are grateful that the House leadership understands the need for investment in the University of North Carolina and our state’s future. We appreciate their consideration of the UNC Board of Governors’ request for new capital investments across the UNC system. The capital bond proposal released Monday is great progress towards a package that will help address our public University’s significant capital needs.

UNC’s capital request prioritized new construction of facilities that will better position our campuses to advance STEM-related fields and respond to the changing economic marketplace. UNC students are moving into STEM-related fields in higher numbers, and the capital projects included in the House plan would enable the University to better serve these students. The Board’s request also focused on the University’s extensive repair and renovation needs.

UNC Board of Governor Chairman John Fennebresque said, “The Board worked hard to prioritize new projects in order to maximize the impact of new state investments. We believe the facilities on our priority list will enable us to better prepare students—particularly those in the STEM fields where our state’s economy is growing— and make their transition from classroom to lab to the workplace more seamless.”  

“The House proposal is a great start to the legislative conversation, and the Board appreciates its support of UNC’s capital request. This would mark the largest state commitment to higher education since the 2000 bond campaign, and we’re going to make sure we maximize the return on this investment,” said Jim Holmes, chair of the board’s Public Affairs Committee.    

UNC President Tom Ross said, “We’ve spent significant time assessing the capital needs of our 17 campuses, including their documented repair and renovations needs.  We look forward to working with the General Assembly, the Governor, and the people of North Carolina to further explain and define our capital needs.”   

The House’s bond proposal represents a significant investment in the UNC system and the future of our state. We appreciate their endorsement of our efforts to prepare a qualified workforce to meet the needs of our businesses and help our communities thrive. We welcome the opportunity to continue this important conversation with the Senate leadership as they consider a potential bond package.