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Student Success

Amanda Ceroli ’19 is “extremely happy” to have an answer for when she’s asked what she’s going to do after she graduates in May. She’ll be attending graduate school abroad on behalf of a Fulbright Research Grant.

The physics major will begin her work on a master’s in oceanography with a concentration in physical oceanography at the University of Southampton in September. But first, she will travel to Costa Rico with the Honors College and then on to Boulder, Colorado to present her senior research at the American Meteorological Society’s Polar Science Conference.

Ceroli attended UNCW for its highly acclaimed marine science programs and commitment to hands-on learning and faculty-student collaboration. “My campus visit solidified my decision to attend; I fell in love with the campus community, from the beauty of the campus to the friendly and supportive people within it,” she said.

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Originally published March 28, 2019.