Legal Policies and Resources

Links to important policies and procedures that may be of use or interest to the general public can be found below. These materials include documents, guidelines, and resources.  

Institution Policies

Each institution develops and implements its own policies on a variety of topics that directly affect the campus community. Learn more about established policies for each campus.

System-wide Policies and Resources

Residency Determination System

The NC Residency Determination System (RDS) is an online service designed to help parents and students determine North Carolina residency. Establishing residency will impact tuition and eligibility for state grants available for use at all NC colleges and universities. The State Education Assistance Authority manages the RDS and is responsible for all appeals related to residency determinations generated by the system.

RDS uses an “online interview” to determine residency. All students at UNC System institutions and NC community colleges are required to complete this online survey. Students can access RDS through their CFNC account, through all CFNC admissions applications, through campus admissions applications, or directly through the RDS website at

The RDS site provides guidance on state law residency requirements, RDS policies, and using the RDS online interview.  The RDS site will answer most questions. However, if additional information is needed, please call (844) 319-3640 or email