Advancement Talent Bank

Mission Statement

The UNC System is a public, multi-campus university dedicated to the service of North Carolina and its people. It encompasses the 17 diverse constituent institutions and other educational, research, and public service organizations.

Each institution shares in the overall mission to discover, create, transmit, and apply knowledge to address the needs of individuals and society. This mission is accomplished through instruction, which communicates the knowledge and values and imparts the skills necessary for individuals to lead responsible, productive, and personally satisfying lives; through research, scholarship, and creative activities, which advance knowledge and enhance the educational process; and through public service, which contributes to the solution of societal problems and enriches the quality of life in the state.

Teaching and learning constitute the primary service that the University renders to society. Teaching, or instruction, is the primary responsibility of each of the constituent institutions. The relative level of research and public service varies among the constituent institutions, depending on their overall missions.

Advancement Vision Statement

Our 17 constituent institutions are diverse in size, program offerings, and focus, but the pursuit of excellence and continuing need for a high level of philanthropic support is common among them. To be most effective, we have built an advancement model that most fully supports institutions’ needs.

UNC System Advancement Talent Bank

The UNC Advancement Talent Bank brings together talented advancement professionals who want to build a career within the UNC System and its institutions. It provides a centralized database of University Advancement candidates that can be searched by Advancement and Human Resources managers seeking to recruit talented professionals.

By completing the self-reported assessment and uploading your resume, your information will be searchable by hiring managers in Advancement across the UNC System. If your qualifications, interests, and experience match the qualifications of any of position vacancies within the System’s 17 constituent institutions, you may be invited to apply for a position.

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The Talent Bank is not a job application system. Responses to survey questions and uploaded resumes are used by the UNC System Human Resources and Advancement staff to identify potential candidates. If you are invited to apply for a position, you must undergo the application process at that particular institution.