The UNC Board of Governors has the statutory responsibility to authorize the establishment of new degree programs and the discontinuation of existing degree programs. The Academic Planning section of this site describes the procedures for planning and obtaining authorization to establish new degree and distance education programs and to discontinue existing programs.

All degree programs authorized by the Board are listed in a web database, where users can search according to degree type and campus.  Links to special inventories for distance education and certificate programs are also available.

This section also provides links to UNC Online, a website that provides a wealth of information for individuals seeking online educational opportunities.  The Inter-Institutional Registration page provides a streamlined process for degree-seeking students to identify and register for online courses offered by other UNC System institutions and through UNC Online.  Students seeking degree programs not available through the UNC System can use the Academic Common Market to identify programs available at other institutions throughout the Southeast.

To find existing programs:

The UNC Academic Program Inventory (API) is a searchable database known as the Program & Degree Finder. The database includes all approved degree programs in the UNC System and their approved modes of delivery (online, off-campus, etc.).

To see programs being planned across the UNC System:

The Program Request Portal displays the status of all degree programs and modes of delivery under active review by the UNC System Office.

For UNC System institutions proposing new degree programs:

UNC Regulation 400.1.1[R] governs the approval processes for all new baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degree programs in the UNC System. Use the following forms for new degree program requests in PREP:

UNC System institutions requesting a change to an existing degree program (as of February 1, 2016) may submit the following forms through the Academic Program Inventory (API):

Requests to change a degree program title, CIP code, or degree awarded can be accomplished through the API without a standard form.

Click here to access forms used to request authorization to plan, establish, and discontinue degree programs and delivery types prior to February 1, 2016.