Appalachian State University’s campus grew by 50 percent from 2002-17, yet, according to the university’s 2017 Strategic Energy and Water Management Policy, its energy usage intensity (EUI) reduced by 45 percent — the highest reduction among all schools in the University of North Carolina System.

Furthermore, the university has met three of four short-term sustainability goals for 2018-19 and is on track to achieve the 2050 goal of carbon neutrality set by the UNC System.

Patrick Richardson, energy analyst for Appalachian, and Jim Dees, data and assessment specialist in Appalachian’s Office of Sustainability, opened the Sustainable Energy Speaker Series in February on Appalachian’s campus by addressing the EUI reduction, along with the university’s water usage intensity reduction of 53 percent over the same period.

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Originally published March 15, 2018. Written by Jessica Stump.