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Steven Rogelberg is used to being in front of large groups of people to talk about his research on meetings. But recently, he had the chance to reach perhaps his largest audience yet as a guest on CBS This Morning.

Rogelberg, an organizational sciencepsychology and management professor with appointments in the Belk College of Business and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, appeared on the national morning program to discuss his most recent book, “The Surprising Science of Meetings.”

Being on the show was “exciting and nerve-racking,” said Rogelberg, Chancellor’s Professor at UNC Charlotte. “It was the most intense professional activity that I have ever done.”

Prior to the live broadcast, Rogelberg said CBS producers “prepped” him on questions that anchors might ask, “but the TV hosts wound up taking it the way they wanted, the only question I knew 10 minutes before the interview was the first one.”

Having an opportunity to address a national audience about his research was significant. Rogelberg said his goal was to communicate the research and to honor the science behind his studies.

“I felt really good about conveying a fair-amount of evidence-based insights about meetings,” he noted. “And Gayle King was amazing; she clearly had read the entire book and had a lot to say about it.”

Later in the day, Rogelberg attended a CBS This morning team meeting, which he found fascinating.

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Originally published Jan. 22, 2019.