FSU enters into a research partnership agreement with the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Continuing its advancement as a growing research institution, Fayetteville State University has added the US Army Research Laboratory as one of its collaborative partners in the development of scientific research projects.  This collaboration will also include a coordinated effort in the development of research education programming that will train pre-college and undergraduate students in science research skills that are critical to the US government and the defense industry.

Both Institutions see this partnership as beneficial and in adherence with the US Department of Defense’s Education Partnership Act which authorizes and promotes partnership agreements between each defense laboratory and educational institutions in the United States for the purpose of encouraging and enhancing study in scientific disciplines at all levels of education.  The agreement between FSU and ARL will include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs at FSU that are deemed relevant to ARL’s science and technology programs.

Originally published July 19, 2017.