UNCW and Wayne Community College have partnered to create a new program to enhance student success by assisting current WCC students with their enrollment into UNCW.

The university’s first Pathway to Excellence Program provides any qualifying WCC student completing an associate of arts, associate of science or an associate of engineering degree guaranteed admission to UNCW. The program also provides interested WCC students onsite and personalized assistance with the application process.

“UNCW will provide a Transfer Student Success Advisor who will spend dedicated time at the Wayne Community College campus in Goldsboro, NC, to meet with students from the time they are interested in UNCW to create a plan of transfer,” said Sherry Hazelwood, associate director of transfer admissions at UNCW.

To further assist student transition, UNCW will host an event for WCC students to visit UNCW’s campus and learn more about the Wilmington community. WCC students who want to attend UNCW will also have the opportunity to apply through a spring event on their campus where application fees will be waived as part of the Pathway to Excellence Program.

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Originally published June 18, 2018. Written by Christina Schechtman.