Partnerships That Keep NC Growing

The UNC System is North Carolina’s university. By design, our work doesn’t just benefit the students who attend our classes. Its impact extends beyond campus walls, reaching communities in all 100 counties across the state.

Our institutions play a major role shaping and promoting North Carolina’s cultural and civic life, serving as regional hubs for art, performance, sports, public service, and lifelong learning. Our faculty and students don’t just study culture—they curate and create it.

Research partnerships with outside entities strengthen North Carolina’s industries and make the state an ideal location for startup companies. Businesses and industries in North Carolina benefit from the trove of intellectual resources and the infrastructure for lab work and experimentation our institutions can provide.

Service work organized through the institutions directs faculty and student energy and expertise to help residents in need. Our institutions lead critical recovery efforts following natural disasters. UNC System faculty and staff provide remote communities with state-of-the-art clinics, dental services, and psychiatric care.


UNC System affiliates (The North Carolina Arboretum, UNC Health Care, UNC Press, and UNC-TV) educate and enliven; protect and inform; strengthen and heal communities in every corner of the state.

Extension work transfers the knowledge generated through our institutions’ cutting edge research directly to North Carolinians. Our faculty, staff, and students help the state’s farmers increase yields sustainably; they bring health care services to underserved communities. Our expertise helps local entrepreneurs create innovative business plans that will yield new enterprises and expand existing ones. UNC System extension helps budding artisans hone their skills and gives home gardeners greener thumbs.

Literally and figuratively, UNC System community engagement work helps North Carolina bloom.