The mission of the UNC System Office of Federal Relations is to:

  • Promote the UNC System’s education, research, national security efforts, patient care, and public service activities;
  • Increase federal support for all UNC System institutions and affiliated entities;
  • Advance the UNC Partnership for National Security, a System-wide effort to develop partnerships with the Department of Defense and the U.S. military;
  • Provide timely response and communications between the University and Members of Congress, congressional staff, the White House, federal agencies, educational associations, and media on matters of federal interest;
  • Lead the University’s efforts to formulate and coordinate the federal priorities of the System’s 17 institutions; and
  • Support our institutions through strategic planning and issues management; monitoring and analysis of federal legislation; and the identification of faculty opportunities to participate in congressional hearings, executive branch advisory groups and task forces, and national education forums.  

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